Help System


What is GPTBee ?
  1. What is GPTBee ?

  1. How can I cancel my account?
  2. I forgot my password?
  3. I forgot my username?
  4. How do I change my password?
  5. What is Suspicious Activity Fee
  6. Why my account shows Unverified ?

Account Related
  1. Can i open multiple accounts in Same IP ?
  2. How to convert Honey that i earned ?
  3. Why my account is marked as Cheater ?

Paid to Signup
  1. Do I get to approve the signups for my own campaign?
  2. Is my paid to signup automatically added after I pay for it?
  3. I completed an offer and it isn't credited , Why ?
  4. Locked funds ?

  1. Is there any TIME LIMIT to approve user submissions to my advertised offer?

  1. Can I withdraw if I live outside the United States?
  2. What's the minimum amount I can withdraw?
  3. What Payment processors are available to withdraw ?
  4. How long the withdrawals takes time ?
  5. My withdraw is cancelled why ?
  6. Is there any withdrawal fee ?

Referral System
  1. How to Refer ?
  2. What do i get referring friends ?
  3. I can't find my referrals under my downline, But i am sure i referred them

  1. How do I upgrade my account?

Banner Rotation
  1. Is my banner automatically added after I pay for the impressions?

1. What is TangoCard and How can you Redeem ?